Removable Insulation Blankets

What Can we provide?

At Gemini Resources Group, we have our very own removable insulation blanket manufacturing facility located in Sideny, MT.  Over the past few years, we have developed our own designs with decades of experience in mind.  Our products are user friendly and allow for anyone to easily install on your location!

We have insulation crews ready to install for you, or our easy ordering method will allow you to order and install yourself as well.  With so many choices, choosing the right fit can be difficult.  Contact us and we will measure and quote your project free and without obligation!

Our industrial insulation division is here to help you get covered with high quality and low cost freeze protection.  The outter layer is made with water and oil resistant 17 oz silicone infused cloth and stuffed with 2" thick fiberglass insulation.  Our manufacturing facility is capable of manufacturing removable blankets in many colors including silver, carlsbad canyon and shale green (BLM requirement).  If you are looking for other colors such as moca tan or any other color, we are able to get those in stock for you!



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